Name: T.A-IL

Comment: “I want to thank you for Panthevera. My nurse suggested it after getting radiation course on my neck. It is very helpful and cools well, redness disappeared quickly and I could go out without signs. Recommend it!


Name: C.B.-UK

Comment:  My daughter is allergic to most suncreams and aftersun lotions and last year after lots of trial and error fails with other products we stumbled across PantheVera which has been brilliant for her!!


Name: joe Mc. – UK

Comment: recently been on holiday to cyprus where my wife bought from a chemists a tube of Panthe Vera treatment lotion she thinks it is wonderful product. It was very helpful for Sunburn and redness. Can it be purchased in the uk and if so where/ Please

Regards, Joe


Name: Karen Sl.  – UK

Comment: Hi,

Whilst in Cyprus on holiday I got really bad prickly heat and when i went to a pharmacy they reccommended Panthe Vera which i absolutely loved, it really is amazing (i have allergies to lots of creams etc but this is really nice on my skin)  Anyhow i was wondering if this is available in the UK and also if this is fine to use as a daily facial moisturiser.

Thanks, Karen 🙂


One more thing, we have tried PantheVera and applied to the skin of our children (both our daughter of 7 y.o. and our son of 6 months have same problem as atopic dermatitis problem) and we were very much surprised that result was even better than we had expected. Before, we tried other products and that made nothing. This is very good news, because when one makes sales with the trust and belief in product, it makes efficiency doubled. I can prove my clients that this is really perfect stuff!

Best Regards, A.B.-Czek Republic (sales representative)