Find Relief with Aloe Vera Extract and Panthenol

When you went to the beach, you planned to wear a shirt, a hat, and sunscreen. However, when you got there you were the only person covered up, and you felt like a fool. You decided to risk it and swim without protection. Unfortunately, the sun reflecting off the water made your UV exposure worse.

Protect Your Skin

Sunburns can be extremely painful. It’s hard to move or to wear a shirt, and you find yourself shivering and wearing blankets even though your skin is burning and hot to the touch. Worse, you’re covered with blisters. This is because the sun’s harmful UV rays cook and damage the layers of your skin.

Protect Your Future

The best way to help your body heal from the damage is to use an aloe vera and panthenol lotion or an aloe vera gel. You can place gels in the fridge to cool them off before glopping them onto your skin. While they’re sticky and the cold temperature is a shock, your hot skin will be soothed by the cool temperature. The aloe vera extract in the cream or gel also helps speed the healing process naturally. Also known as the “burn plant,” studies have shown that aloe both heals and moisturizes, helping avoid excess amounts of dead, peeling skin later. It’s a proven remedy that has been in use for hundreds of years because it’s known to work. Put up with the cold goo now – you’ll be thankful you did.

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