Development & formulation services

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Do you have a formulation that needs some modification or fine-tuning?

Does your customer ask for innovative products?

You can confidently choose us for your formulation development as well as commercial manufacturing and packaging of your Semi-Solid product.  We make outsourcing easy as scientific sophistication and experience come together with flexibility, responsiveness and innovation.

For more than 20 years, S. T. Health Line has been developing formulations or optimizing existing ones. Our core expertise is development of topical Semi-Solid preparations such as O/W creams, W/O creams, gels, emulgels and ointments in addition to liquids and other complex challenging formulations. The skilled R&D team is dedicated supplying Pharmaceutical and Cosmeceutical consultation together with formulation services for pharma and other companies worldwide.

Furthermore, our registration department is aware of Competent Authorities requirements in different countries. We have registered products in the EU, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan and other countries.

How does it work?

Once your product’s characteristics are finalized, our team will formulate your product, making sure that it fits all your requirements. You will have the benefit of our vast formulation expertise as well as our extensive knowledge as a production plant.

As part of the formulation development process, we will supply a range of samples for your evaluation. Your feedback at this stage is essential for providing a product that fits your needs. Thus, new ideas turn to unique products for the benefit of your customers.


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