How to Find Cosmeceutical Products That  Work

The term cosmeceutical has been floating around the beauty industry recently. You may have read about it in magazines or on popular fashion websites. However, much of what has been said about it is not clear. With long texts of labels by marketing teams and warnings from the FDA, it’s difficult to understand what cosmeceuticals really are.

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The general rule of thumb is that if a cosmeceutical product seems too good to be true, it probably is. When you’re evaluating something that you use on your face, think critically. Your skin is sensitive and the wrong product could do more than waste your money. That said, there are cosmeceutical products that genuinely work. True cosmeceuticals are a topical cosmetic, such as a cream, lotion or ointment, mixed with pharmaceutical active ingredients. They’re able to make claims like “reduces wrinkles”, “relieves irritation and redness”, ”relieves sunburns” or “eliminates acne” because they’ve undergone the extensive testing required by the FDA or EU authorities.

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Cosmeceuticals are sometimes called medical cosmetics or dermocosmetics. One should do some research on cosmeceutical brands before buying them. Look for positive reviews from other people who have used the products in the past, and look to see which certificates the company has and what testing the company’s done. When credible, the products have a number of benefits. They can reduce acne or skin aging, heal your skin from hazards of UV rays and chemicals in the atmosphere, and even help it glow by rejuvenating and replenishing it. Take your time and find a cream or lotion that works. It could be your best cosmetic purchase so far.

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