The term “medical cosmetics” is very broad. It encompasses a variety of different creams, ointments and gels that can be used to make the skin look more beautiful or to treat certain skin conditions. Medicinal cosmetics must not be confused with dermo cosmetics, which are solely concerned with improving the appearance of the skin. Dermo cosmetics are obviously more expensive as they contain active ingredients. For instance, a popular facial dermo cosmetic product can cost more than regular cosmetic cream.

About Medical Cosmetics

Medicinal cosmetics, also known as medical cosmetics, are primarily concerned with treating different skin conditions. For instance, a facial medical cosmetic product can be used to treat facial skin conditions, such as acne or sun burn. It is important to know that you can buy any medical cosmetic product without a prescription. In many countries, including the U.S., you can obtain common medical cosmetics over the counter. In order to buy a medicinal product, you will have to show a prescription.

About Dermo cosmetics

Dermo cosmetics are a branch of dermatology that is focused on improving the outward appearance of the skin. A good dermo cosmetic product can help you remove wrinkles, blotches and lines from your face and make the skin smoother. It also improves the texture of the skin significantly. While you can purchase any dermo-cosmetic product over the counter, it is a wise idea to consult with your dermatologist or pharmacist before applying any cream on your face.

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