When a person gets bitten by a mosquito or another bug, skin irritation can result. This not only means itching and swelling, but also annoys a person greatly. Constantly scratching an itch can result not only in irritation, but in bleeding and, in some cases, infection.

Skin irritation is also caused by allergies, but regardless of the cause, it can be treated in a simple manner.

Types of Skin Irritation

Skin can be irritated by bug bites, allergies or as a consequence of very dry skin. It is characterized by redness, inflammation and discoloration, and can also be the result of skin diseases such as eczema, heat rash, hives (urticarial) or contact with poison ivy. Regardless of its cause, skin irritation relief is relatively easy to obtain.

Relief of Skin Irritation

People with skin irritation can use a variety of methods for relief, including:

  • Natural remedies, such as keeping the area cool, keeping your hands away from the affected area, wearing loose clothing and soaking it in products, such as colloidal oatmeal; and
  • Using a variety of over-the-counter products, such as calamine lotion, hydrocortisone creams or natural cosmeceuticals.

Those suffering from skin irritation should use one, or a combination, of these products until the rash has cleared up. One should also remember that regardless of which remedy he or she chooses, skin irritation relief should take few days for the full effects to be felt. Skin irritation is very common, and the remedies are simple and easy to use.
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