Treat Your Feet with Proper Foot Care

You and your love are curled up on the sofa, wine glasses sparkling beside you. He pulls your leg onto his lap and slowly massages your heel. You hide in shame as dry, white flakes of dead skin cascade from your worn foot and land in his lap. Your romantic evening and the exciting mood has ended.

No More Shame

Dry feet are embarrassing and uncomfortable. This is why it’s crucial that you maintain proper foot care, using moisturizing foot creams daily. However, you need to get rid of that dead skin first. Start by soaking your feet in hot water and salt to soften the skin, then use a pumice stone or a foot file to wear away any dead skin. Next, find a moisturizing foot cream that works for you. Many are intensive and contain olive or wheat germ oil, meant to repair rough heels. If you need something even more effective, look for one with Panthenol, too. It will soften cracked heels and thick layers you can’t file away.

No More Roughness

Once your feet are as silky and smooth as your lingerie, buff and moisturize them every night to keep them soft. When you’re active, use a sport and foot cream to protect them, too. It will help deodorize your feet and soothe the muscles. You can even find sport and foot creams that will prevent chafing and blisters. Take care of your feet – after all, they’re the only two things that support you.

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