PantheVera Lotion 100ml

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For relief of skin irritation & redness due to dryness or sunburns

Product Description:

PantheVera contains high concentration of Aloe Vera Extract and Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5).

Aloe Vera Gel – natural skin cooling and humidifying agent.

Panthenol – relives and reduces skin irritation and itching in various conditions such as:


Skin dryness


Post skin treatment; depilation, laser procedures, radiation.

Minor skin injuries

PantheVera Lotion moisturizes, soothes and cools the skin for a long time.

PantheVera Lotion is a pleasant formulation which penetrates skin rapidly giving a smooth and supple sensation.



J.M. – UK
Recently been on holiday where my wife bought from a chemists a tube of Panthe Vera treatment lotion she thinks it is wonderful product. It was very helpful for Sunburn and redness.
K.S. – UK
Whilst in Cyprus on holiday I got really bad prickly heat and I went to a pharmacy they reccommended Panthe Vera which I absolutely loved, it is really amazing  (I have allergies to lots of creams etc but this is really nice on my skin)  
A.B.-Czek Republic (sales representative)
…we have tried PantheVera for our children (both our daughter of 7 y.o. and our son of 6 months have same problem – atopic dermatitis) and we were very much surprised that result was even better than we had expected. Before, we tried other products and that made nothing.
C.S.- Germany
We went to our holiday, and my two sons (10) and (12) who hate any cream or lotion had a sun-burn. They have been so enthusiastic about PantheVera that later on they every day asked me “Mummy, can we have that lotion, again”
S.N.- Germany
I had to treat an elderly lady with parchment skin and she was so happy to use PantheVera as it had a relieving effect immediately


M.E – Israel

Dear STH team,

I would like to share my experience and recommend the PantheVera lotion.
I have two kids with severe Atopic dermatitis and we practically used every lotion and cream available in the market.
Throughout the past 5 years we tried more than 100 different creams and lotions (with and without steroids) to help and ease the dryness and itchiness of the skin.
Since we started using the PantheVera with my younger daughter (She is now 5.5 years old) we can see that skin is softer and more moisturized.
The biggest advantage is that it doesn’t burn while we apply the cream and therefore she is much more cooperative (super important with young kids).
Also the fact that this is very creamy lotion, makes it easy to apply without the need to use pressure and irritate the skin.

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