PantheVera Lotion 180ml

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For relief of skin irritation & redness due to dryness or sunburns 




Product Description:

PantheVera contains high concentration of Aloe Vera Extract and Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5).

Aloe Vera Gel – natural skin cooling and humidifying agent.

Panthenol – relives and reduces skin irritation and itching in various conditions such as:


Skin dryness


Post skin treatment; depilation, laser procedures, radiation.

Minor skin injuries

PantheVera Lotion moisturizes, soothes and cools the skin for a long time.

PantheVera Lotion is a pleasant formulation which penetrates skin rapidly giving a smooth and supple sensation.



J.M. – UK
Recently been on holiday where my wife bought from a chemists a tube of Panthe Vera treatment lotion she thinks it is wonderful product. It was very helpful for Sunburn and redness.
K.S. – UK
Whilst in Cyprus on holiday I got really bad prickly heat and I went to a pharmacy they reccommended Panthe Vera which I absolutely loved, it is really amazing  (I have allergies to lots of creams etc but this is really nice on my skin)  
A.B.-Czek Republic (sales representative)
…we have tried PantheVera for our children (both our daughter of 7 y.o. and our son of 6 months have same problem – atopic dermatitis) and we were very much surprised that result was even better than we had expected. Before, we tried other products and that made nothing.
C.S.- Germany
We went to our holiday, and my two sons (10) and (12) who hate any cream or lotion had a sun-burn. They have been so enthusiastic about PantheVera that later on they every day asked me “Mummy, can we have that lotion, again”
S.N.- Germany
I had to treat an elderly lady with parchment skin and she was so happy to use PantheVera as it had a relieving effect immediately

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