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Spray for mouth sores

Product Description:

Canker sores are very common. The cause is unknown, but stress seems to play a major role; during exams, journeys and other stressful conditions.

A canker sore appears as a round white spot with a red border. Many people who suffer from canker sores get them several times a year.

Sorex Mouth Spray provides fast relief from many kinds of sores:

  • Mouth sores: canker sores, cold sores
  • Cheek bites
  • Gum sores
  • Denture irritation
  • Denture & brace pain


Calendula, Myrrh, Sage and Carob extracts. These herbal extracts have proven efficacy in treating such conditions and are used since centuries in folk medicine in the Mediterranean region.

Sorex provides fast  relief and protection while it helps to dry the sore.

  • Natural active ingredients
  • Fast action for a long time
  • Quick relief

No sugar, color or flavor additives

Suitable for children and adults


I purchased Sore X when visiting Ireland a couple of years back….and wanted to know how I can purchase more in the US.  Thank you…wonderful product!

Ileana M. – USA

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